Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress

The design and technology behind our beds are developing quickly. As we further understand the science behind sleep we are able to produce mattresses that more significantly support better rest. Different materials can be used to assist the body in different ways. Whether the needs are to offer improved support or to maintain better warmth through the night. While these advances ultimately benefit our bodies and health, it may seem a little intimidating to begin understanding one advantage to another.

To help orientate you through your next mattress purchase, here is a handy guide of the factors to consider.

Body Heat

If you find yourself prone to feeling overly hot at night, it may be your mattress. Some mattresses are better than others when it comes to keeping you cool. Many factors of the design will alter the temperature you experience through the night. The breathability of your mattress is perhaps the most significant factor. As part of their design, memory foam mattresses are designed for better airflow giving your body improved ventilation through the night. However, gel foam mattresses often offer the same level of comfort and support in addition to a greater cooling potential due to their gel-based design.

Other material factors may also influence your body’s temperature and the addition of copper, with its superior conductivity, serves to redistribute body heat more efficiently than other materials.


How your body feels comfortable sleeping should steer your decision-making when buying a mattress. For instance, if you sleep on your side, then you will benefit from a slightly softer mattress. This is because the pressure of your body weight is focused on a smaller area, notably your shoulder and hip. A softer mattress, particularly a memory or gel foam mattress, will not struggle against this type of body position, unlike spring mattresses.

If you struggle with back pain or find yourself waking up with a particular discomfort, your mattress may be responsible. While it has previously been advised to many in this situation that one should choose a harder mattress, recent studies show this advice to be detrimental. A medium-firm mattress is considered to be the most beneficial, since hard mattresses often force your body to adjust to their design of comfort, instead of the reverse.


While you never want the size of a bed to jeopardise your room’s space, many fall into the trap of not reconsidering their mattress size and instead continue sleeping on a bed that is too small. Increasing your mattress’ size to a split-king or California king may surprise you with benefits, notably to the quality of your sleep. Your body adapts well to a sleeping space and you may be spending your nights not realising the potential comfort and rest that a larger bed could bring you.

Before settling on your chosen purchase, spend time browsing websites, such as www.savvysleeper.org, which compare and discuss the benefits of various sizes of mattress. With mattresses, the size is not simply for luxury but also for wellbeing.