Colour in Your Aura

The Colours that surround you Describe you

Biophotonic emissions: Your cells emit tiny quantities of light, each tiny package containing information about the wellness of the cell, your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. With a few trillion cells knocking around being your body, this is quite a lot of information which is exhibited in groups (body parts), patterns, strongly or weakly.

Seeing the aura describes perfectly the word insight. Understanding the complexity of patterns and colour allows me to describe what is going on inside that a person may struggle with in their life.

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The Wonder of Colour

A picture of my aura seeing the colours that surround others is a very exciting thing, not to mention beautiful. Understanding your colour preferences and how you can consciously make alterations to how you feel or gain an understanding of how that may look to others on a subconscious level.

Everyone can feel aura and the frequencies emitted by you, without conscious thought the way they treat you just as you can feel theirs and respond with what is commonly known as intuition,

(a word I love, as an inner learning or taking in of knowledge), the type of person that is attracted to you, the way you treat others and who you are attracted to, is all decided at this subatomic level of communication within seconds of meeting..

Much of language explains feeling in colour terms; I believe this is simply because of a subtle awareness of aura. Feeling blue or in the pink could not be truer statements. When you have a favourite colour it will reflect a dominant energy in your aura, if you cannot feel drawn to a particular colour on a regular basis this means you have a range of colours in your energy field or dominance is varied depending on what is going on in your life.

Colors are always chosen to reflect a certain state or needed state; there are only these two ways to select color. You will choose something that reinforces how you feel or the dominant color, or you will choose something that will counteract or be complementary to balance or manage how you feel.

All colours has a range from light to dark and varying shades in between, where you add white light you soften and relax a color, and where they are muddied or dirty looking inner conflicts are present. Looking at the color frequencies you choose to surround yourself with can really give you an insight into your own feelings, health and of course why you feel the way you do, on the road to healing you are looking first for recognition we can’t heal what we are unaware of having.

If you had a colour wheel you could easily determine a balancing color frequencies where necessary, or allow yourself to just feel what you might need, this is not a difficult process and can be achieved by thinking of the desired emotional/mental state, and asking yourself what color would benefit the most in achieving this state, you may be surprised how quickly it works to wear something in a completely different shade to what you would normally wear.

Where you have a colour you actively do not like, the traits associated with that colour will not be available to you, it is likely you do not have that frequency in your energy field at all, or is murky within your aura and represents a trait you do not like in yourself or another. The following interpretations are very limited and to be used as a guide only as the range and shades of colour is truly huge, if they also represent dominance, remember dominance in itself is an imbalance.

Different Aura Colors


Freedom & independence on the positive side the challenge would be restriction and limitation. Those with depression issues will often be seen in the darker range of blues as will those with weight issues. The balancing colour for blue is yellow.

Where blue is dominant you will find it difficult to see past a problem and your focus is most likely on doom and gloom, this is a heavy colour to carry out of balance and often the bearer of blue will have weight issues.

They can feel restricted in life and become uncommunicative, it is to be noted that any restrictions originate in the blues own thought pattern and is accompanied by a lack of focus on direction and creation.


Harmony and learning the challenge of which is guarded and dismissive the balancing colour for this colour is red.

These people are often the mediators in aggressive situations and in the sage range will be counselors or advisors; they can easily feel they know more than others. Out of balance the need for harmony can render the green person impotent, they can find themselves becoming emotional without an outlet and would most likely be spiteful, jealous and withdrawn. These people can be the greatest listeners and then turn around and tell all they heard, in other words the gossip, in its positive aspect this could be the reporter, in the negative spite and damage can be inflicted without any conscience.


Social and intelligent, challenging can be not worrying and willful, the balancing colour is blue.

These people can be talkative and fun while worry can override and could easily become forceful to get their way.

The yellow person is often seen as bright and bubbly by others, and is the most likely of all dominant colours to dress outrageously for fun, when out of balance however they are still seen as bright and bubbly so can be alone with their problems are often not taken seriously but as the thinkers will easily resent this attitude.

Worry is always present for the yellow dominant and so can exhibit controlling behaviors and may override others in conversation when they feel they are not being heard.


Enthusiastic and action oriented, challenged by being quick to anger and frustration can rule. The balancing colour is green.

If you want something done this is the person they make great career people though can easily be intense and too serious. Out of balance this person will have a high expectation of their own performance and that of others so can be pushy and impatient. When red is out of balance this person will not see or hear what is going on around them in a very real sense, they can easily centre only on self to the exclusion of others, red is a challenge to carry as a dominant colour.


Right reasons high morals, challenged by being self righteous and judgemental. The balancing colour is lime.

These people are seekers of spirit and try to do things for the right reasons they can easily find themselves feeling inadequate and will judge others based on how they feel about their own performance.

When in balance the purple person will show you a better way, love you for who you are and understand that perfection is something to aim for not something you have to be.

This colour can have an element of aggression though this can be used subtly in a way that undermines those being judged, this is a behavior that makes the imbalanced purple look better in their own eyes, the conflict comes as inside themselves this behaviour contradicts their most basic values.

These people can be nasty while at the same time consider themselves generous.


Creative, unique perspective challenged by irritability and practical ability. The balancing colour is aqua.

These people are the artists and musicians of the world, can be very hard to live with as practical concerns are secondary when out of balance. In balance these people are happy and outgoing sharing creativity with others makes them happy, generosity is prevalent when the orange person feels successful within themselves. The orange dominant will have little care for the sensitivities of others and may often without awareness hurt the feeling of those around them, generous with praise and criticism can make them difficult to be comfortable with.


this is your classic mad scientist the inventor, lovely personality challenged by finding enthusiasm for anything outside of one’s own inventions, success oriented so can be isolated. Balancing colour is bronze.

These people are simply living in a world of their own and often do not let others into that world, when balanced though they bring their inventiveness into your world and enjoy the sharing.


Positive and upbeat caring, challenged by self centeredness and money issues, balance colour is cerise.

These people will be found on committees everywhere, they usually end up with the jobs no one else can find the time to do, and just as often resent it more than a little.

Money is often a challenge as an imbalanced pink leads to unrealistic view of the world. A lack of consequence or interest in the consequence.

The danger of pink dominance is fantasy, a totally unrealistic view of the world can lead to dishonesty to make it the way you see it, a view that always sees others as lacking as they do not fit the model in the pinks fantasy.

Dissatisfaction would be key for these people.

There are many more variations and of course more complex and individual diagnosis based on the whole energy field not just a specific colour but in general these mini explanations will be within cooee.

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