Cat Losing Hair – Is It Normal Or Something To Worry About?

Have you started finding your beloved cat’s hair all over your home? If you are tired of removing it from your clothes, furniture, and other places, then this article will help you.

Shedding is a healthy and natural process in animals. Animals including cats have to remove dead hair from their body else it may result ininflammation. The process keeps your pet’s fur in good condition.

The science behind shedding

An indoor cat doesn’t have a distinctive shedding cycle as an outdoor one. This is because there are many units such as heating and cooling ones in operation in an indoor environment. This can trick their system and keep them shedding hair constantly all year round. You can visit site to learn more about the science behind cats shedding their hair. Moreover, cats groom themselves regularly which further contributes to shedding.

The amount of shedding is less in an outdoor cat as they aren’t subjected to frequent temperature changes of an indoor environment in homes using air conditioning and other units.

The cleanup and controlling

On an average, cats spend about 10 percent of their day grooming themselves. This implies that shedding is a part and parcel of their everyday life. Here are some tips that you can follow for reducing the amount of hair flying around in your home.

  • Put your pet on a proper diet

Some cat food can be too hard to digest especially if you are feeding them human food. This can impact your pet’s health and also has an effect on the coat and skin. Considerincluding food with high Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to your pet’s diet. This will soften their skin and coatand will eventually reduce shedding. Modifications to their diet will ensure a healthy coat.

  • Brush your cat every day

If you don’t want cat hair on your furniture or your food bowl, then you need to spend some time in grooming them. The more fur you remove, the less will be found flying around the house.

There are plenty of great tools available for removing dead hair. You can use them for your convenience. If there is excessive shedding, then it could be signaling something else.

  • Give your cat a bath once a month

Even if your pet is not fond of you giving them a bath, it is necessary to keep their coat clean. It will also take out the excess and will ensure that your furniture is clean and free from hair.

  • Keep them hydrated

Cats don’t have a tendency to drink enough water. This is the reason why they end up having dry skin. Moreover, this can result in molting of hair. Hence, you need to make it a habit to keep their water bowl full to the brim. Always make sure that fresh, cool, and clean water is available at all times for your pet cat. This will fix the problem to a certain extent.

  • Give them a separate place of their own

If you don’t want cat hair on your bed or sofa, then it is better to provide them with their own comfortable bed where they would love to sleep and groom themselves. This will ensure that the excess hair gets collectedin their belongings and not at any other place in your home.

  • Both short and long hair cat shed

If you thought getting shot hair cat would offer you some respite, then think again! Both short and long-haired cats can shed the same amount of hair. However, some breeds such as the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, and the hairless Sphynx don’t shed much.

These breeds don’t have the traditional hair that you would encounter in a cat. However, these have a fine coat which could be equated to peach fuzz. Follow the link to learn more about the breeds that don’t shed much: . These breeds would make wonderful companions for individuals with allergies.

In summary

Cat shedding hair is a normal process like dogs or any other animal. It is a natural process but there is a lot that you can do if you want to control shedding. You can follow certain tips that would ensure that they have a healthy coat and don’t shed their hair around your home.