5 Myths Associated with Tinnitus Debunked and Brought to Light

Tinnitus is a very normal medical condition where a person hears constant buzzing and ringing in the ears. This is referred to as chronic tinnitus where it stays for more than six months. There are many myths associated with tinnitus, which are being brought forth into light and putting a halt to all the misinformation presented to you. So, let’s begin.

  • Hearing aids can’t aid with tinnitus

Many believe that hearing aids aren’t effective when it comes to tinnitus. But nowadays, hearing aids are so advanced where you can manage the tinnitus symptoms as well.

  • There is a cure for tinnitus

Believe us when we say that there is no miracle pill for curing the acouphene traitement. But, you can manage your symptoms and live a high quality life with the treatment.

  • There is hearing loss when you have tinnitus and if you are deaf you are suffering from it already.

In many cases, it is true and can be easily associated, but such connection is never universal in nature. There are certain medical issues that can evoke tinnitus but leaves your hearing unaffected.

  • Tinnitus is triggered only by loud noises

The causes of tinnitus aren’t well known and understood. Many people have tinnitus as a result of direct trauma on the ears, especially if they are severe and long term loud noises. But it is also associated with other aspects like genetics, traumatic brain injury etc.

  • Changes in diet will restore your hearing

Believe it when we say that some lifestyle choice can really make your tinnitus worse. And the signs can be diminished by eating certain healthy foods. But it cannot be simply cured by changing the lifestyle habits.


It is essential to stop spreading the misinformation for those who are suffering from tinnitus as well as for the ones who are accustomed to the symptoms. Always seek for sources when it comes to seeking symptoms for medical issues. Ask the hearing professionals or check if the information is being presented by reputable sources. If the information seems hard to believe, then it is probably false. If any social media post or a website says that they have a miracle cure for tinnitus, then it is nothing but a myth. If you have left no stone unturned, consult a professional. Let your sharp critical thinking be your best friend when it comes to discussing the best defense against the myths associated with tinnitus. It is best to consult an ENT specialist to know something you are not sure of.