When will free COVID-19 tests end in England?

Outbreaks must be discovered immediately in order to be controlled, as we have seen with COVID-19 and in the past with SARS, Ebola, Zika, and MERS. Testing is the first line of global health monitoring, alerting health authorities to possible outbreaks so that they may work quickly to halt or stop their spread. To do so, however, we require diagnostics that can detect infections with high outbreaks potential. Without sufficient diagnostic techniques, the possibility of future pandemic infections is considerable, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, where infectious illnesses are routinely underdiagnosed. The global health community must give appropriate financing for diagnostics research and access to these tests worldwide, particularly LMICs. 

However, testing on the front lines of a pandemic is simply one aspect of substantial diagnostics value. The world has seen unparalleled vaccine development in less than a year with COVID-19. This result would not have been attainable without diagnostic tools to determine whether vaccinations are successful in protecting individuals in clinical trials and the real world. However, after vaccinations were available, several governments abandoned testing, putting it on the back burner and depending primarily on vaccines to prevent disease transmission; that was a blunder.

Neither vaccination coverage nor vaccine effectiveness against present and emerging COVID-19 mutations are perfect. With vaccination resistance and hesitation still prevalent in many countries, coronavirus private tests may help keep people safe in academies, workplaces, and home care. Rapid antigen test for travel would also help return airline travel to pre-pandemic levels. Some governments have taken this method a step further, using thorough testing to establish a “zero-COVID” plan to eliminate COVID-19 inside continental boundaries. 

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