What Are the Effects of Kratom

It is not clear exactly how it affects the brain. Some research suggests that the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine may partially or completely block effects of opioids, with opioid receptors being “shunned” at the same time that other brain receptors are “hijacked” through the interaction.

Others argue that the prolonged use of kratom has caused severe liver damage in lab animals.

Some other effects of kratom can be anxiety, paranoia, panic attack, insomnia, mood swings, hallucinations, and menopausal depression. It’s also important to consider that each kratom strain has different effects. For example green bali kratom effects include a relaxed and mentally stimulated effect.

Is Kratom a Problem in the United States?

Kratom appears to be a relatively young (1990s) drug compared to prescription drugs, but it was widely available on the internet and sold in over-the-counter products long before that. When used recreationally by individuals, kratom possesses a power comparable to that of MDMA (ecstasy) and hard drugs such as heroin. Not only can use kratom powder to create new drug habits in users, kratom powder also acts as a mind-altering substance.

Many users of kratom believe it has many medicinal qualities, but so few standardized research studies have been done on its potential medicinal use that this is hard to confirm.

In the past, many herbal supplements sold on the internet have been linked to twelve different drug problems at the time of FDA’s initial 1999 ban. It is not clear what effect, if any, kratom would have on the drugging of drugs such as alcohol and mixed with other drugs.

Who Regulates Kratom?

For a variety of reasons the FDA prohibits Kratom and moves quietly to discourage its use. In 2012, the FDA regulated it primarily as a dietary supplement instead of as a drug, citing questions about the safety of the actual alkaloid mitragynine.

that women who use Kratom, but don’t want to consider using illegal substances, need to be careful about possible safety risks and the best health advice.

While eating kratom may be safe, “trying it” could have real health consequences and should always be done under the supervision of an appropriate medical professional. Some of the health concerns is related to the interaction of kratom with opiods in the body and possible kidney and liver harm.