What Are Steroids For?

Most of us have heard of steroids, but we don’t all understand them. In fact, steroids are often misunderstood. Thanks to a few high-profile cases, many of us think of steroids in all the wrong ways. Since at least the 1990s, steroids have been associated with sports “cheaters,” people who (at least in the minds of some sports officials and media outlets) unfairly sought a competitive edge.

The reality is that steroids are not just for rule-breaking baseball players. There are reasons that athletes sometimes accidentally take substances their leagues have banned (yes, that excuse really is legitimate sometimes) and that doctors prescribe these same substances to sick and injured patients. Let’s take a moment to explore what steroids are for.

Protecting and healing your body

Are there steroids in your system right now? There are. While not all forms of steroids are identical, you have some in your body at all times; your body makes them naturally. Steroids play an important role, and that role relates to the things you might already associate with steroids.

Steroids are responsible for helping us grow and heal. When we hurt ourselves or get sick, our bodies start making more steroids. Though we may have no idea that this is happening, our bodies know that we need more steroids.

We use steroids within our bodies naturally, but we can also take them proactively. The fact that steroids help us heal and grow is the reason they work so well for the next two uses on our list.

Treating illnesses and injuries as medicine

If you get hurt or sick, chances are that your doctor will prescribe steroids for you. You can rest assured that your doctor is not trying to get you to break the single-season home run record; he or she just wants you to heal.

Taking steroids as medicine can be done in more than one way. Most commonly, steroids are either taken in pill form or injected. You can also take steroids through an inhaler or even through a skin cream, among other options.

Making faster progress in workouts

If you knew one thing about steroids, it was probably this: They can help you get faster results when you work out. Steroids help you get bigger, faster, and stronger, which is why they ended up being favorites of athletes, which in turn was why steroids were all over the news for a while in the 1990s and 2000s. Certain types of steroids are ideal for this purpose (while other, different types are more suited to helping sick people).

There’s something that you should understand, though: No steroid can lift weights or run laps for you. What steroids do is help you grow and recover. This means that your body may feel more ready for a workout even if you worked out hard the day before, but you still have to put in all the hard work yourself.

Does this mean that you should take lots of steroids and work out 24/7? Of course not, experts say. As with virtually everything else your body uses or needs, steroids are best taken in moderation. And working out too hard and too often can be bad for you — no matter how many steroids you’re on.

But if you use steroids sensibly as part of a smart workout plan, you’ll find that you make faster progress, explain experts who sell steroids in Canada. It’s perfectly legal to buy steroids in Canada, and many professional and amateur athletes and bodybuilders do just that. When combined with hard work and careful decision-making, steroids can make all the difference.