Marijuana, CBD, and Health


Marijuana is now legal in some form in 33 states and in the District of Columbia. CBD, which is derived from the drug, is legal or de facto legal in even more places. It wasn’t always this way.


Not that long ago, marijuana was illegal everywhere in the United States. It was the medicinal properties of marijuana, and of CBD in particular, that helped things turn around. It is a scientific fact that marijuana and CBD have medicinal effects, and either (especially the non-psychoactive CBD) can be a part of your healthy everyday life. Here’s what you need to know about marijuana, CBD, your health, and current laws.


A long journey to legalization


Marijuana has been an illegal drug for a very long time. The campaign to make it illegal happened so long ago that yellow journalism played a major role. For reference, yellow journalism was also a big cause of the Spanish-American War.


Not a lot of things last for more than 100 years, but marijuana prohibition did. Thanks to misunderstanding, racism, and politics-as-usual, the bad laws held up for generations. But things began to change when scientists started to demonstrate that marijuana could be used to help ill people, including those with cancer and other serious illnesses. Scientists were able to do this despite the fact that federal laws made it difficult to legally procure marijuana for research purposes.


In 1996, California became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Since then, 32 other states have followed suit. And as more and more people became aware of the medical properties (and lack of health dangers) associated with marijuana, the idea of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes surged in popularity, too.


CBD and the health benefits of marijuana


Marijuana can be used to treat all sorts of things, from lack of appetite to nausea and pain. Marijuana’s health benefits stem from its “cannabinoids,” which are active chemicals in the drug. Among those cannabinoids is CBD.


CBD is disproportionately responsible for marijuana’s health effects, and it isn’t just used to treat serious illnesses. CBD can be calming, which is perfect for people with anxiety issues. But you certainly don’t have to have a mental health condition, or any other sort of health issue, to enjoy CBD oil and other CBD products, explain the experts at Pure for Life. And because CBD isn’t psychoactive, you don’t have to get high to reap its health benefits. That’s not true of marijuana!


Marijuana, CBD, and the law


States with legal marijuana have lots of restrictions in place, explain expert marijuana lawyers in California. New growing operations and dispensaries are tightly regulated and must be properly licensed. And smokers are expected to obey laws that dictate where they can smoke and ban dangerous activities like driving while high. To get medical marijuana, you’ll need a prescription in most states; of course, you can always buy recreational marijuana in states where that is legal.


CBD, however, is much more widely available. Since it is not psychoactive, most states have not banned it (or are not enforcing their bans). You can easily buy CBD oil or tinctures online. CBD is also available in edibles, pills, and all sorts of other forms.


If you think that your life could use a bit of a healthy living boost, consider starting with CBD. It’s easily available and won’t get you high. You may also want to consider vaping marijuana in moderation. Choosing these solutions could ease anxiety or pain. You never know how a decision like this could improve your life!