How to Make the Most of a Quick 30-Minute Workout 

The more time you spend in the gym, the better your results right? Wrong. At MUV Fitness South Carolina, you will learn that results come from how you spend your time working out, not how long. With the right routine, you can strengthen, look good and feel great. Learn how to get a good workout in only 30-minutes right now.


Optimize your time by walking or running before you hit the gym for your workout. A pre-workout could consist of a good jog, walk, or maybe even a bike ride. Your activity should be more than a mile or two. Basically, you are warming your body up in preparation for the intense workout to follow.


Although a good full body stretch is most effective, you have to consider efficiency when you only have limited time. Depending on which muscles you plan to train, you should target your stretch accordingly. When pressed for time focus your stretch on the areas you will be using most. You have already warmed up with a pre-workout, so your muscles should be fairly loose.

Circuit Training

You can do an efficient, 20-25 minute gym workout with short time periods of rest between each exercise. The most commonly used workouts are pull downs, squats, lunges, bicep curls, and extensions (leg/quad). Keep in mind proper technique gets the best results. Even knowing you have time limits, you still have to use proper form when performing certain exercises.

Core Training

Your pre-workout took care of the cardio aspect related to your workout. Now your abdominal area still needs some attention. There are several core workouts you can perform but for sake of the time, the most convenient would be crunches, planks, burpees, and leg raises.

A quick workout can be effective if you do it right, but it’s no magic trick. A good workout is only as good as the food we eat. Hydration and good nutrition plays a huge role in your end results. Remember, temporary satisfaction doesn’t outweigh the long-term satisfaction of a consistent 30 minutes of gym time.