How to do Kegels to Tighten your Vagina

With your growing age, your body starts to slump so as your intimate body parts, that’s the reason it’s important to know what things can really help in maintaining the health of inner body parts like your vagina. If you are like most of the women who are in regular communication with experts and searching over the internet for options to tighten your vagina, you have most probably heard of Kegel exercising.

Yes, kegel is one of those exercises which is very easy to do and can do miracles if done regularly. It’s a natural and healthy way that keep your vaginal walls young forever. And the amazing thing is this that you can do it anytime anywhere without letting anyone know the purpose.

Time in most of the cases can be an enemy but when you have the right weapons in your hand, you can easily fight for it. Let’s follow some instructions of how to perform kegel exercise to keep your vagina in shape forever.

  1. Locate the Muscles

Kegel exercising is beneficial only when you target the right muscles. Before performing kegels you have to feel the right muscles for vaginal tightening in the correct way. The right muscles are the ones that you fell when you start urinating and then suddenly stops the flow. So to identify them actually start urinating and then suddenly stop it. When you try o squeeze your muscles, pay full attention towards them so that you can later locate them for kegel exercising.

  1. Constrict and then relax the muscles

For beginners, it can be quite tricky but after few rounds you can easily do this. You need to constrict your muscles in the same way you did when you try to stop the urination flow. Try to tighten it up as much as possible and hold it that way for atleast 5 seconds then release it and come back to your normal position. Keep a gap of 5 seconds between two rounds and do this for 4-5 sets and then finish it. After some time of regular exercising, the sets can be done for 10 seconds at a time.

How frequently you should do the Kegel exercising?

Maintaining a daily schedule is important for a tighter vagina. It requires a frequency of 3 times a day not like your random exercising plans. Foe best results do it on a daily basis. A little goes a long way and that’s exactly the case with kegel exercising to keep your pelvic floor fit for a long time.

Benefits of Kegel Exercising

A stronger and tighter vagina that’s not all that you can expect from regular kegel exercising sessions. With tighter vaginal muscles you will find better urinary control and your pelvic floor will feel better overall. If you have incontinence problem, the regular routine of this exercise will help you a lot. Moreover, kegel exercising also prevent prolapsing of pelvic organs which is very common in women of growing age.

So you can see a single exercise has so many benefits within. Exercising takes time but the result you get from it lasts for ever. If you want some instant solutions to make your vaginal muscles tighten, apply V tight gel available in the market just before you go for a sexual intercourse and you will feel the same intimacy.