Four Reasons Physical Fitness Resolutions Fail

    Every year, in January, gym memberships increase noticeably, only to return to normal attendance after a few months. The result of a New Year’s resolution that has failed. Within just a few months, not many people are dedicated and committed enough to maintain their New Year’s resolution of losing weight, getting in shape and eating healthy so they either give up on going to the gym, or they hire a personal trainer. If you feel that your clients’ motivation is wavering and they are on verge of abandoning their fitness resolution, consider these reasons as they could be why they aren’t able to reach their fitness goals:

  1. Unrealistic goals: Your clients’ fitness goals may not measurable and specific and unrealistic goals are the direct path towards disappointment. A goal may sound a bit ambitious, but if it consists of many highly achievable micro-goals, your clients will be more successful.
  2. Superficial motivations: Your clients’ motivations may not be deep enough. As an example, they may simply want to look better but after spending a few weeks working hard and eating clean, they don’t see enough results. This can ruin their motivation causing them to give up. Instead, their goal should be to live a healthier lifestyle, that way, if they don’t see results on the outside right away, they will know that they are doing something positive for their bodies.
  3. They don’t ask for help: When working out at a gym, most people don’t usually have a clear idea of what they should be doing. They will either do a particular exercise wrong and get no benefit from it, or they will feel overwhelmed and give up. Asking for help from someone knowledgeable about the equipment is the best way to learn, but many people don’t ask and they begin to dread going to the gym. If this happens, their resolutions will be abandoned once again.
  4. They can’t stick to schedule: Sticking to schedule may sound simple, but it’s very hard to do. After creating a workout plan, many people have a difficult time coordinating it with their calendar. They will begin to find less and less time for the gym and might decide that they just don’t have time to get in shape.

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