Are Breast Implants Considered to Be Safe?

One of the concerns that cosmetic surgeons hear most often from patients during their consultation typically pertains to the safety of breast implants. For many years there have been misleading news stories that have raised alarms for those who are considering breast augmentation surgery.

How can I know that implants are safe for me?

Breast implants are safe. It is always important to keep in mind that no medical device can be considered to be completely without risks. No surgical procedure can be considered to be completely without risks.

The implants themselves are considered to be safe devices that provide a number of quality-of-life benefits for the women who opt to get them surgically implanted.

Hundreds of thousands of women, each year, elect to get breast implant surgery. They report no adverse effects from this surgery or from the implants themselves. The key to ensuring that your implants are going to be the safe choice for you is to provide your surgeon with a complete medical history. This should include a list of medications that you currently take, prior surgeries and any underlying medical conditions that you may have. You are more likely to have an adverse reaction as a result of an underlying concern more than as the result of the implants themselves.

What are some of the risks to getting breast implants?

Breast implants specialist Dr. David Sharp works to help his patients to best understand some of the risks to breast augmentation surgery so that they can make informed decisions.

  • Risks of anaesthesia. If you have previously had issues with anaesthesia, then it’s vital you discuss this with your surgeon at your first consultation.
  • Bleeding and infection can be possible post-surgery. Following all of the instructions provided to you by your surgeon can help to minimise the risks of infection or continued bleeding.
  • Changes in sensation in the nipple or breast can occur, even with the most skilled or professionals handling your procedure. Most women report that the sensation returns to normal once they have completely healed.
  • Scar tissue can be a concern in all patients. Your surgeon will work to minimise the risks of scar tissue.
  • Implant rupture is rare but it does happen. Patient health will not be at risk if rupture does occur.

How do I know which implant will work best for me?

There is no difference in terms of safety when you look at the types of implants that are available. Each implant type is considered to be completely safe to use. Discussions about your overall goals will help to determine the type of implant that will work best for you.

Both saline and silicone breast implants offer their own distinct benefits for patients. Silicone is thought to offer a more realistic result than saline. Your surgeon will allow you to feel each type of implant so that you can decide which feels best to you.

When it comes to size, it’s always best to work with the advice of your surgeon. Going too large with implants can lead to concerns with neck and shoulder pain. Going too small can often lead to regrets and a wish to have a revision surgery.

Regardless of the type of implants that you select, you can rest assured that the implants themselves are considered to be incredibly safe. They are one of the most studied medical devices in the world and will continue to be for many good years to come.