5 Best Tucson Crossfit Gyms


Crossfit is exploding on the scene in the southwest with fierce competition and driven competitors looking to take the #1 spot at local and regional competitions. With wild work ethics, gnarly passion, and more drive than Ford truck, these athletes are turning Crossfit into a national sport! As strong as they are, it’s important to note that mental toughness is equally important. You can go here to learn more about improving mental strength.

In this article we are highlighting some of the top gyms in Tucson to train at. Arizona has become a hub for Crossfit and it’s no wonder it’s taken off with warm weather year round and the ability to train outdoors, other states like Texas and Florida are following closely. But for the moment, there is no state in the U.S. like Arizona when it comes to Crossfit.

These are our top 5 favorite Crossfit gyms in Arizona. This list was built off of a knowledge we have of the local Crossfit scene in Tucson. We have friends and family that compete there, so it made it an easy article to write with insider perspective on the scene and the best Crossfit gyms in Tucson.

  1. Boxing Incorporated

This gym is one of the fastest growing Crossfit gyms in the Southwest. The team of competitors that train here are almost superhuman, at least that was what we took away from our experience training there for a weekend while touring the southwest. The people were world class, the trainers were top notch and very personable. The workouts were intense but they had something for everyone, making this our favorite Crossfit gym in Tucson.

  1. Iron Grip Crossfit

Iron grip had a great training environment, decent sized classes, and a cool vibe. The people were friendly and definitely there to help newbies make it through the training circuit. The facility wasn’t as nice as Boxing Incorporated, and the equipment could have used an upgrade, other than that it was a great place to train and meet people.

  1. Crossfit Marana

Marana is a little outside of Tucson, but was definitely one of our favorite spots while visiting. The facility was really clean; the people were cool, but even more than that was the location. Marana is a smaller town just on the outskirts of Tucson and the scenery was beautiful! I’ll take that commute any day over something in the city.

  1. Crossfit Saguaro

Training here was fun; the people were really a tight group that had obviously been training together for a long time. I did feel a bit like an outsider, and that might be the small town vibe I was getting. But vibes are weird because they are not actually the truth, it’s just a feeling. Other than that it was a great experience.

  1. Crossfit Milo

Last on our list, but definitely worth the visit. Crossfit Milo was an overall good experience, I wasn’t thrilled about the facility, but the people were really nice. I would recommend it if you were in the area, but I think there are better options if you are serious about your Crossfit training.