Tips for Becoming Marijuana-Free

Once a person decides to stop marijuana, there are several challenges that may occur in the process of accomplishing this goal. There are a number of reasons why someone may want to stop smoking marijuana, since abusing the drug can cause elevated heart rate and respiratory issues. Marijuana can also cause chronic insomnia and severe anxiety, and some people experience a lack of coordination or memory loss as a result of the addiction.

These tips can make the road to recovery a little easier.

Getting Active

Exercising regularly can release endorphins and regulate the chemicals in the brain. This can lead to an elevated mood and an increased ability to handle stress. This lessens the need to smoke marijuana during times of anxiety. Working out can also lead to weight loss, which is a concern for many addicts who smoke in order to avoid putting on excess pounds. Sticking to an exercise routine can also boost confidence and a promote a positive self-image, which could decrease an addict’s desire to turn to drugs in order to feel relaxed and self-assured.

A 12-Step Program

This recovery method is beneficial for those who are suffering from a number of addictions, and can help those with marijuana dependency acknowledge their problem and take spiritual steps to overcome the addiction. The program also helps addicts to come to terms with the fact that loved ones and friends have been hurt their decisions, and encourages them to reach out these individuals, admit their wrongs and try to make amends. This provides both a spiritual and physical solution to the problem of addiction and helps an addict to mend various parts of his/her life that will motivate him/her to maintain sobriety.

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Counseling may be ideal for those who are undecided when It comes to getting rid of marijuana. A therapist can help addicts to see the negative effects of their habits and the ways that addiction is affecting their relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Therapy sessions can also give addicts a clear picture of their dreams and aspirations, and help to explain why these dreams may not be able to be accomplished when drugs are in the picture.

Cold Turkey

Of course, some people may want to stop cold turkey. This is for extremely strong-willed individuals who are serious about not smoking anymore. The cold turkey method can be risky, however, because the withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming for some. This method is usually best for those who have not been smoking for long, since THC, the main ingredient in marijuana, is stored in the body for weeks and the cravings will be strong to increase the amount of THC in the bloodstream. If the body has become dependent on receiving a certain amount of THC on a regular basis, the longer one has been maintaining a smoking habit, the harder it will be to quit.

Using several of these therapies together can also be beneficial when it comes to beating a marijuana addiction, maintaining sobriety and decreasing the chances of becoming addicted to other substances.

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