The cost factors and methods of buying Adipex and Phentermine

Though doctors advice many procedures and medicines to treat obesity and weight loss related concerns, one of the medicines that they prescribe is the Adipex tablets. That is why, it is a prescription only tablet.

The price factors and affordability of Adipex and Phentermine tablets

Adipex and Phentermine are more or less the same, as phentermine hydrochloride is known more popularly by its brand name which is Adipex. It is an effective weight loss pill and doctors prescribe it to patients who have dangerous levels of obesity and because of which these patients are at a higher risk of life-threatening diseases. Even doctors who advise these pills also underline a strict regimen of diet control as well as exercise to the patients, as pills alone never work. Since Adipex is such a beneficial drug, it can be expensive.


The cost of Adipex depends mainly on the dosage. Thus, your total expense will also depend on how long the tablets have to be used as per the doctor’s suggestions. Also, your pharmacy might also have a say on the cost. There are generic as well as brand options available, and you can choose one depending on your affordability.

When it comes to Phentermine hydrochloride supplements, there are two types available, capsules and tablets. The dosages of capsules available are 15 mg, 30 mg and 37.5 mg.  The tablets too are available in similar dosages. Phentermine tablets are available at $11-$14 for 37.5 dosage. The Adipex tablets are available at $70 with 37.5 dosage and a single bottle will contain 30 tablets. Check out the coupons for generic phentermine.

Buying Adipex and Phentermine

Adipex and Phentermine tablets and capsules are available through prescription in online stores and also at Walmart, Kroger Pharmacy, K Mart and so on. You can also buy Adipex and Phentermine from various authentic online stores as well. You may also avail Adipex coupons which might help you buy them at a lower rate. At the same time, when you calculate the cost of the tablets and capsules, you will have to consider the amount required and the specific period for which it has to be used along with the dosage. You can also find about manufacturer coupons which means you can buy for a much discounted price. At times, buyers may avail a discounted price the next time they go for refill.

Another point to note is that some stores may charge more while some may give it to you at an affordable rate. So before buying, do a comparable study of the prices at different stores. You can take a call on whether to purchase the generic medicines or the branded one after consulting with your doctor. At the same time, ensure that you are buying the original product from the authentic stores only as cheaper versions may be available but they may be fake ones. Hence, no matter from where you are buying it, be it online websites or from pharma stores, ensure that you are buying the genuine product.

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