The Best Muscle-Building Work Supersets You Should Do

The journey to building muscles is not a bed of roses, and any successful bodybuilder will attest to this. In fact, those who do bodybuilding as a career have to dedicate much of their times to workouts, as scheduled by their trainer if they are lucky to have one. If not, they have to come up with a program, which will help them gain the biggest muscles within no time. While anabolisant injectables will trigger the growth tenfold, workout supersets must compliment this for the best muscle growth. So, this article will highlight the best supersets one can follow to achieve such muscles.

Pre-exhaustive workouts

In most cases, people will want to start with this, so that the muscles get used. At some point, one may be asked to perform the reps without a rest. Being a starter, one may be tempted to give up, but setting high-level goals is the main reason why compound exercises are majorly used.

  • Four sets of bench press, each eight reps
  • Three sets of weight dips, each 10 reps
  • Four sets of deadlifts, each eight reps

Note: You can rest for one minute between the sets.

Post exhaustive workouts

The primary purpose is to align the fibers of each muscle group; therefore, one must take the workouts to a totally new level. It may require a combination of compound exercises with the isolation ones, which concentrate on a specific group of muscles at a time.

  • Four sets of bench press, each eight reps
  • Four sets of military press, each eight reps
  • Four sets of inclined bench press, each eight reps

Note: The exercises follow each other with the intention to exhaust the muscles extremely and break fibers. One needs to be patient, as they work one part of the muscle, and then head to another.

Isolation supersets

Similar to post exhaustive, isolation also gives concentration to a muscle group, but gives more attention to destroying the muscle group; therefore, it will take a similar approach, but is prolonged and faster.

  • Five sets of barbell curls, each 10 reps
  • Five sets of reverse curls, each 10 reps
  • Four sets of hammer curls, each 10 reps

Note: The sets and reps have increased to target the muscle group in an intense way. For one to succeed in this, they need to succeed in the first rounds, so that the gradual increase will not be a problem.

Compound supersets

At this level, one is an expert in workouts, and the shape is already forming. This part, as it sounds, is detailed and includes a combination of many workouts together. If not careful, the central nervous system can strain, so the sets need a keen approach.

  • Four sets of barbell curls, each eight reps
  • Five sets of deadlifts, each five reps
  • Four sets of dumbbell lifts, each 10 reps
  • Five sets of bench press, each five reps

Note: There is no order in sets and reps or sequence, which makes it complicated for the body; thus, this level of supersets is for the experienced only.


The above-discussed supersets have one example each, and a trainer or more research will give more examples. The gradual intensity will help the body muscles to grow immensely, giving one a V-shaped body.


Post Author: John Childs

John Childs