Santamedical LFM-110 best Pain Relief Device for Back Pain

It is true that Tens therapy is considered to be one among the highly effective systems available to manage chronic pain in the joints and muscles. The Tens electronic pulse massager offered by Santamedical from Gurin Products is an apt choice for electrotherapy, as it can soothe the pain in the muscles and nerves in a single go. This device is an ideal choice for regular gym freaks or people suffering from chronic muscular issues or constant pain.


Why use the Santamedical electronic pulse massager?

This rechargeable Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a therapeutic massaging machine which helps in easing the pain and aches of your body muscles. It can be connected to the pads to use it on any painful region in your body like upper torso or lower back. It works by sending electric pulses inside the body muscles for dealing with muscles soreness and tension.

Features of Handheld pulse massage

The following are the top features of the Handheld Pulse Massage.

  1. Banishes muscle stress:


This electronic pulse massager by Gurin can handle all the stiffness, soreness and stress on your muscles. It can take care of the pain in your upper back, lower back, hands, wrist, shoulders, neck, elbows, arms, calf and knees.

  1. Excellent for overall body:

The single channel of this electric massager can be used to ease the muscle pain in a small area while the two channels can be utilized for treating the pains in a wide area. This massaging device provides a choice with levels of treatment intensity and location.

  1. 5 Auto settings:

The Tens unit Electronic massager helps you to choose from 5 auto settings that pre-programmed for manages to deliver excellent comfort. You can also change the functions with specific buttons like Hand-leg, Shoulder and Waist.

  1. Comes with reusable pads:

The Santamedical electronic massager is offered with four Snap-on electrode pads with dual channels. It has 20 strength levels and has a USB cable to recharge it. Plus, there is a manual mode as well as a minute timer for 10 to 60 minutes.

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Brand Name: Santamedical / Gurin

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