Medicinal properties of pure Cordyceps

There are about 400 species in the family of Cordyceps and all the species are parasitic. There are two species that are used mainly for medicinal purposes, one is the Cordyceps mushroom and the other is Cordyceps militaris. The latter is a fungus but contains many phytonutrients which possess many therapeutic properties. It has been found to be effective against fatigue and also helpful in increasing libido levels. The fungus has been in use since centuries in traditional medicines and is still much popular in Japan and China. Today, Cordyceps is mainly referred to the dietary supplements.

Therapeutic properties of Cordyceps

The species Cordyceps militaris contain a compound known as cordycepin 3’-deoxyadenosine which has numerous beneficial properties. Research regarding its positive effects is undergoing in many countries and its effect on cancer treatment is also being investigated. It can cure inflammation, and has antimicrobial and insecticidal properties. It can also enhance cellular apoptosis and reduce the accumulation of platelets. Apart from having anticancer properties, Cordycepin can also reduce tumours. It also contains beta-glucan polysachharides, which are very beneficial to increase immune function and also enhance the health of the digestive system. When metabolism functions and immune system work at an optimal level, it means the person will always be healthy. That is why, it can be said that Cordycepin has all the properties that can contribute to the well being of human body.Image result for Medicinal properties of pure Cordyceps

It also contains adenosine which is responsible for the increase in levels of AMP and ATP, which are necessary for production of energy in the body. Many doctors in America have been using adenosine and its derivatives for treating many conditions such as lung and skin cancer, varicose veins, kidney failure, genital herpes, multiple organ failure, poor circulation and more.

Apart from being an immune booster, Cordyceps can also control blood sugar levels and also promote liver and kidney health. Though studies regarding its use have to be still available, there is sufficient evidence regarding its usage in traditional forms of medicine of Japan and China. It is not much used in Western medicine because the clinical studies are awaited.

Points to note regarding Cordyceps

As of today, there have been many studies regarding the medicinal properties of Cordyceps but mostly the tests have been conducted on animals. It is expected that soon, there will be enough clinical research studies to prove the efficacy of Cordyceps in humans. At the same time, there are countries where the fungus has been used in medicines since centuries. It is on the basis of this that there are supplements available which can be of great help to better health and relieve many symptoms.

Though side effects of Cordyceps supplements aren’t much, slight effects such as dry mouth, diarrhea may be observed but they do not last long. Since Cordyceps have immune-boosting properties, the supplements can be of huge help when taken along with other immune-boosting medications. It is also best to consult your doctor who can advice you on its dosage. At the same time, pregnant and nursing women, and those suffering from liver and kidney diseases are advised not to take the supplement. Visit Nootriment today!

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