How is Anavar not fit for bodybuilding?

Anavar is one of the mildest drugs in the world of steroids. It is popular for gaining lean muscle mass. Pro Chem Anavar is an anabolic androgenic steroid that is suitable for both men and women. As an oral DHT, Anavar reacts quickly in our body after consumption. .

Anavar Only Cycle

Apart from the world of bodybuilding, Anavar is use for weight gain in patients who had lost weight due to illness or surgery. People suffering from osteoporosis use Anavar to relieve pain. Anavar is now commonly used by men and women for fitness purposes. However, it has limited benefits for bodybuilding.

Anavar is one of the rarest drugs that you don’t need a prescription for. You can use it alone or stack with something else. Since it is mild, women use it most than men do. The anabolic steroid works similarly to both men and women. People usually consume it to reduce fat or have a cut in their muscular look.

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Anavar is the probably the best option for new users. However, there are separate cycles for women, new users, men, veterinary purpose, and more. Anavar doesn’t help you bulk up, but it will add lean muscle mass without significant side effects or to cut purely.

Anavar is not one of the toxic steroids and a low androgenic substance too. The drug is considered to have a light reaction on hypothalamic-testicular-pituitary-axis. This is a group of endocrine glands in the body that cooperates with one another as a single system and controls aging, reproduction, etc.

Anavar Side Effects

No matter how safely you use, there are always chances of steroids to leave you with side effects. You have to be aware of them and make alterations of dosages accordingly. As a DHT-derived steroid, the drug can enhance oil production in a one’s skin. This can lead to having mild skin conditions like acne. Anavar side effects can be similar to user’s genetic predisposition. If you keep the skin clean, you can also reduce the chances of having acne.

Anavar is known to promote hair loss, which is common for all DHT-derived steroids. Men who have more chances to lose hair genetically would face more of this problem compared to the rest.

Sometimes users employ hair growth medication on taking Anavar, but you have to be very cautious about this approach. Medications react in a user’s hormonal balance. Anavar can also lead to suppressing regular testosterone production with prolonged usage. Our body gets an increased level of hormone during that cycle, so testicular atrophy can occur once the cycle is complete due to the decrease in certain hormones after the cycle. Women should be cautious about their steroid usage because they can face virilization. New users must start with 5 mg and then move onto 10 mg.

Anavar is perfect for women as it improves their performance level and doesn’t enhance masculinity. Men who want to benefit from Anavar either need dosages or stacking. There are limited benefits for bodybuilding, so for men, it is challenging to make good use of this expensive drug.


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