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Hormones are very important and powerful components of the body. Testosterone is one of the most recognised hormones which occurs naturally in males that provides men with male sex characteristics. The growth of body and facial hair, deeper voice, maturing genitalia and maturity of sperm are its characteristics which are developed during the adolescence. The presence of Testosterone is important as it also contributes to muscle growth, strong bones and is responsible for a number of sexual body organ function. When clubbed with other hormones, it can affect the overall behaviour and balance in the body.

As the presence of Testosterone is vital so any kind of its deficiency will have a direct effect on the built of the body. If one believes that the level of this hormone is lower than average then there are ways available to increase the level. TRT i.e., Testosterone Replacement Therapy is one of the ways designed to treat men diagnosed with low Testosterone. A number of drugs and injections are also available. In cases where drugs and injections are not prescribed, gels, lotions and creams can also be used. One of the effective medication that is used to enhance the testosterone is Androfil whose generic name is Testosterone Undecanoate.

How it works

The intake of these supplements helps in increasing the testosterone. In case of using the supplements in the form of a gel, it is applied topically all over the body allowing it to be absorbed by the skin whereas the capsules are swallowed. Using these supplements leads to increase of muscle mass as well as the testosterone level. The Testosterone Undecanoate gel and capsules contain a form of synthetic testosterone which literally adds more testosterone into your body. Moreover, as liquid testosterone is used, the risk of liver toxicity is also reduced to a large level.

Proper usage technique

It is very necessary to check the testosterone levels before beginning any kind of testosterone treatment. When the supplements are in the form of capsules, it is prescribed to intake it with food rather than on an empty stomach. Its dosage ranges from 1 to 3 capsules a day. The supplements in the form of gel come in gel packet or a patch. The testosterone is slowly released into your skin as and when the gel is applied. In order to let your body absorb the testosterone throughout the day, it is advised to apply the gel in the morning than evening.

Market Availability

As the supplements used to enhance the testosterone is widely popular, it is easily available all over the world. Androfil is one of the most popular supplements which is available both in the Indian market as well as abroad and can be bought both online and offline after being prescribed by a physician. You should consider different brands which sales the same generic ingredient. The rate of these supplements keeps fluctuating with time and demand which the brand considers in order to determine the market price.


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