Gait Analysis – Importance and know how

Majority of the people think that to start running it is just buying a pair of shoes and start with it. It may not be that simple. One thing is when buying one must look for right shoes which fit them. In improving performance this plays a major role. Along with these right shoes chosen can prevent injuries as well. In short one can understand that the right pair of shoes chosen can make running a fun. Along with this it will help in making the person a better runner. There are modern trends in shoes and every time one can find a new material which is comfortable than the earlier one. That is why with great fits and types available, running is becoming more and more fun and enjoyment day by day. Learn more about gait analysis at NYDNREHAB clinic.

Gait analysis:

This gait analysis involves many techniques to improve the running and it is meant for runners. There will be steps that must be followed.

  • The first step is to analyze the shoe used by the runners. They will analyze the insole and the state of the shoes. After getting necessary information from this analysis they will conclude many things about the running styles.
  • After this, next thing is video analysis. This is done on the running style. In this step they also need information about the training one is taking and its frequency as well. They may need information like how far the person can run and what type of injuries he has experienced in the past while running.
  • After all these running analysis, they will first suggest the right shoes. With the video analysis they will find certain data and they will also give suggestions on the running styles as well.


Techniques for running:

The shoe selection must also be based on the way a person runs. Pronation is taken into consideration while picking the running shoes. Nature of the surface one usually runs, shoes model, and the size of the running shoe are some of the important factors. Learn more about gait analysis at NYDNREHAB clinic.

What is pronation:

One who lands on the outer part of his heel is called a neutral runner. To push off he utilize fluid motion with his second toe. This is known as neutral rolling. This causes dorsiflexion in ankle and it is influenced by body weight. This is known as pronation.

Majority of the runners usually suffer from overpronation. The main reason behind this is ankle rolling inward. This results in knee turning inward. This may lead to tendons in the knee and lower leg and also strain in the muscles. The main solution for this is wearing a shoe which has got better midsole and provides support.

Size of the Shoe and gait analysis:

When a runner is not wearing the right size she, that may lead to big percentage of the problems. The main thing is the toe should never touch the front part of the shoe. This is very important thing while choosing a shoe. There should be at least 0.5 cm to 1 cm gap between the toe and the front part of the shoe. If this is not the case then runner may experience blisters and injuries which are the results of instability.


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