Does Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer Make You Pay A Lot?


If someone is involved in an auto crash, and another person is to blame, it is necessary to seek help from an expert car accident lawyer. All of us are aware that lawyers are pretty much expensive, and many are asking how much they will need to pay.

Some car accident attorneys in Chicago, Illinois don’t accept payments until they obtain monetary compensation for the client. Also, they cover all out-of-pocket costs just to fund their client’s cases. Because they don’t accept conventional fee arrangement, they instead take cases on a contingency basis.

Contingency Percentage


The rate that a lawyer will receive in a contingency fee agreement differs from every state. It typically ranges from twenty-five to forty percent, and one-third is pretty standard. If the client has 33.33% contingency fee arrangement and the amount recovered in a serious vehicle accident is $90,000, the attorney will receive $30.000.

However, if the settlement happens after the defendant provides a formal answer to the complaint, or if the case reached to trial, the allowed percentage might raise.

Fees and Expenses


Other costs and expenditures include court filing costs, costs of obtaining medical records and police records, costs of serving subpoenas and summonses, expert witness fees, and court reporter fees.

Depending on the lawyer and the contract, the client may or may not be entitled to litigation expenses and upfront court costs. Many law firms require the client to pay the fees, and if not paid, the case will likely not proceed.

However, other law firms will cover all fees and expenses, but it will be deducted from the settlement or final judgment.


Car accident cases can be complex, and much complicated if there are injuries too. Insurance adjuster often suggests hiring a lawyer. It might sound expensive to hire an attorney, but it is the best way to get fully compensated for all the damages of a car accident.


Post Author: Ellen Cox

Ellen Cox