Boost Your Performance Between The Sheets In Any Age With Tadalista

Today, most of the men are facing erection related problems especially in the mid and old age group. The problem becomes very common and affecting their personal relationships to a great extent. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a situation under which men fail to get an erection and ejaculate very quickly without satisfying their partner. It is a very embarrassing problem hence men don’t discuss it with their friends, partner and doctor.

Therefore, a reputed pharmaceutical company Fortune Healthcare brings Tadalista which is an effective oral pill to cure ED related problems by giving over 36 hours effortless and harmless prolonged erection. The pill contains Tadalafil which relaxes muscles that are present in the walls of blood vessels and enhances the blood circulation to specific areas of the body especially penis to offer prolonged erection. It starts working within half an hour of intake and offers over 36 hours of firm erection without causing any side-effects.00img (5) (1)

The pill needs to be taken with a glass of water with or without food just before 30-60 minutes before any sexual activity. It is not a holistic pill hence one has to take under strict medical supervision to avoid any heath complications. If you are on nitrates then avoid taking the pill. Consult any doctor to know the exact dosage of the pill as per your body.

The pill causes normal side-effects just like any other ED pill in the market. Headache, nausea, indigestion, vomiting and redness in the eyes are common side effects. Those who don’t consult doctor while taking the pill can suffer from its serious side-effects. Also if you are already suffering from any serious disease then avoid taking the pill.

Tadalista comes in 20mg and 10mg dosages and is available on prescription. One must obtain medical prescription to buy it from certifies online chemists. It is meant for only men over 40 years of age. Children and women must not consume the pill.

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John Childs