A guide to Vibro-liposuction surgery

Liposuction is the most widely accepted and popular in plastic surgeries around the world. In 1980, the first operation of liposuction was performed. At that period of time, large cannuals were used at the time of operation to remove excess fats from the body which had inefficient and bad aesthetic results.  Now since the technology is upgrading and becoming advanced day by day so is the surgery of liposuction. The technique is modifying and finer cannulas are used.   Now a major stress is given for reshaping the body rather than just removing out the extra fats from the body therefore it has been renamed as liposculpture.

In practice now days we use vibroliposculputure which is a very efficient method involving minimum risk which has made it quite famous in countries like USA, Canada and Brazil. In brazil vibrolipo df is what they call it.


In order to carry out the surgery of vibroliposculpture the individual is given local anesthesia dose. Anesthetic solution is prepared in sterile saline and it is injected in the fat layer through incisions so that the area which is to be operated swells up. Now then area where fats are deposited is fragmented and broken down.  Now the suction of fats take place with ease, as the vibroliposculpture uses thinner cannulas such that the nearby tissues does not get effected therefore it does not lead to excessive puffiness and bruising. This technique works very effectively such that the fats which are deep down the skin is removed gently.

Vibroliposculpture works on the areas of fats deposition, like liposuction. The time taken for surgeries depends upon the areas which are to be treated, ranging from 1 to 3 hours.

Advantages of Vibroliposculpture

  1. It causes less swelling called oedema
  2. Hospitalization is not required, the person can go back to normal routine activities in a few days
  3. It not only removes the fats but gives the person a beautiful shape
  4. The fat is removed out ease with less side-effects
  5. The method is not only used for young people but it can also be used for old people and does not harm them, it is effective and friendly in nature even if the patient’s skin is soft and gentle.

Who can have vibro –sculpture surgery?

Azra Yates in her fashion blog mentioned about being in perfect shape which every age group you belong to. If you are wondering about which age group people are fit to get this surgery done, then you should become happy that people belonging to all age group are fit for this surgery from 18 to 75 years of age. If you have fats concentrated at one particular point in your body then you can go for vibroliposuction as you may need not be obese or over-weight for it.  Deposition of fats may also be genetic.

In women, localized fats could be found at following particular places:-

  • Double chin
  • Buffalo hump
  • Above and under the arms
  • On hips
  • Above and below the thighs
  • Below knees

In men, localized fats could be found at following particular places:-

  • Double chin
  • Chest
  • Around the waist
  • Pubis bone

Vibro-liposculpture does not cure heftiness which is a therapeutic not a surgical issue. Be that as it may, vibro-liposculpture offers many points of interest in instances of heftiness and abundance weight. You will have a superior mental self portrait. Motivated to improve self-confidence after vibro-liposuction, individuals choose a healthy life style. I myself a travel blogger at reigntours.com try to lead a healthy life style right now.

Cost of vibroliposuction

Liposculpture costs change contingent upon various components including the measure of fat to be expelled, the zones and number of regions to be worked on, the specialists expertise and notoriety, the area of the center, the sort and measure of anesthesia utilized and whether elective techniques, for example, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), rhytidectomy (facelift) and mastopexy (bosom lift), ought to be required.

Liposculpture is for the most part more costly than liposuction, in any case, the recuperation time frame will be significantly speedier and the swelling, wounding and torment related with a liposuction will be insignificant because of the way that the ultrasound evacuates unyielding fat that would somehow or another be harder to expel.

Another preferred standpoint: From the hormones fatty cells are removed so that hormones do not produce fats anymore. When fats cells are produced in the body you do not have a control on your hunger, there is always an urge to eat more which later makes you look fat. Regardless of the possibility that patients have not discovered their optimal weight after vibro-liposculpture, the steatomeries are tackled unequivocally!

You will feel more certain and alluring. Your garments will fit and look better. After vibro-liposculpture, you don’t lose kilos however centimeters.

Post Author: John Childs

John Childs